Failure Modes Meetup #

We have ocessonal meetups in Bangalore, India.

We meet whenever I have time to manage the logistics of the meetup, and have venue that can host :smile:

Meetups are invite only and follow Chatham House Rule to ensure an safe space to share failiures.

DM me on twitter If you would like to host us in Bangalore

Next Meetup #

New meetups are announced on twitter.

Not planned now, TBD :)

Past Meetups #

Failure Modes - 2nd Meetup #

Announcement Tweet

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Date: 5th Feb, 2023

Hosted by DeepSource, thank you :bow:

Failure Modes - 1st Meetup #

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Announcement Blogpost

Date: 25th Jan, 2020

Hosted By Clarisights, thank you :bow: