Failure Modes Meetup #

We have occasional meetups in Bangalore, India.

We meet whenever I have time to manage the logistics of the meetup, and have a venue that can host us. :smile:

Meetups are invite-only and follow Chatham House Rule to ensure an safe space to share failiures.

Interested in hosting one of our meetups in Bangalore? Send me a direct message on Twitter.

Next Meetup #

We are not sure when, join the whatsapp community to stay in the loop

Past Meetups #

Failure Modes - 3nd Meetup #

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Date: 20th Jan, 2024

Hosted by IG Group with the help from Srivatsa RV, and Mehul Ved, thank you :bow:

Failure Modes - 2nd Meetup #

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Date: 5th Feb, 2023

Hosted by DeepSource, thank you :bow:

Failure Modes - 1st Meetup #

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Date: 25th Jan, 2020

Hosted By Clarisights, thank you :bow: